Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baltimore..."Get in on it."

That's their actual slogan, can you believe that? Baltimore paid someone $500k to come up with "get in on it." I need to go into the slogan business.

Now here's something you don't want to get in on, unless you have always been itching to check that "convicted of a felony" box on job applications. According to Wikipedia...

 "Although other categories of crime in Baltimore have been declining, overall crime rates in Baltimore are still high compared to the national average. The rate of forcible rapes has fallen below the national average in recent years; however, Baltimore still has much higher-than-average rates of aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, and theft."

Looks like I need to find my mace before I make a trip into Baltimore City.

Honestly though, Maryland reminds me a lot of Tennessee (except for the crime thing, and the fact that there is sooo much more to do here). I have been here for two days and have already been to two different malls and one outdoor mall. And that's just the beginning! I still haven't been to the actual Baltimore, just different places around where we live.

I'm going to be posting videos and pictures from my adventures on here, but you can also see them on my YouTube Channel or on my flickr.

And just because I think it's funny, I found this Baltimore Crime Map earlier. I like the cute little symbols they use to show the crimes, they make the little criminals look so cute and cuddly.

Oh and a P.S. to the city of Baltimore, I think this would be a much catchier slogan...