Thursday, July 4, 2013

We bought a house!

Now that it's officially official and we have keys and most of our junk is moved in, I can finally announce...we bought a house!!!

It's about time too. Since we started college about eight years ago, we've moved a total of 14 times. You'd think that by now we'd be packing and moving champs, but no, it gets worse and worse every time. Considering I'm also a procrastinator and would probably fit right in on the show "Hoarders," it's a huge ordeal every time. During this last move I just crammed anything I could fit into each box and barely labeled anything. 

Let's just hope this is the last time we have to move for a loooooooooooong while. 

We've been getting ready for a family 4th of July cookout at our house this weekend so we've actually gotten a lot accomplished and are about 80% unpacked. We still have a few rooms to paint, rugs to buy, trips to Atlanta to Ikea to load up as much flat pack furniture as we can carry... but we're getting there. 

Now onto the fun part, the pictures! Some rooms have before and in progress pictures, and some just have before pictures. 

We have plans to eventually replace the maroon shutters and paint the front door a nice TARDIS blue.

The doggies are loving their new fenced back yard! It's not a large yard but still plenty of running around room. 

My dad showing off our back deck and brand-new patio table set. Yay for seasonal Target clearance! We went back and bought enough seating to open our own bistro.

Shane using the new grill for the first time :)
(You should've seen us fit that grill box in the back seat of my dad's Altima)

Now let's make our way inside...

The previous owners' living room layout seemed a little awkward to us, especially since the room is sooo large and who wants to have the TV all the way in the corner? 

We have it set up with our seating in front of the fireplace and the entertainment center on the opposite wall, where they had their couch. We already know this layout works much better for us because this is exactly how we had our apartment set up

Our dining room is pretty boring at the moment, we're in major need of a new paint job and some fun things to hang on the wall. It's just so DARK.

The kitchen needs a new paint color and eventually a new counter top and back splash. We've already changed out the plaid curtains but no pictures, our temporary card table kitchen table is too tacky ;) A new table and chairs is on the list of Ikea purchases. 

Downstairs half bath. Not too exciting except for the totally 80s fluorescent light fixture, which has got to go.

Let's head upstairs...

First spare bedroom used to be their baby's room. Now it's our guest bedroom! I'm in love with the Cynthia Rowley quilts I got at TJMaxx, even if Shane thinks it looks like a little girl's bedroom. That trundle daybed has been one of our best Craigslist purchases ever. 

Guest bath. The green color was even more awful in person than in the pictures. This is our first home project, we're currently on coat one of a new color. Can't wait to show pictures of the updates!

Aren't we lucky, the second spare bedroom was painted the same lovely shade of green. This is the next thing on our list. This room will be used as our office and my craft room.

Our bedroom, their furniture. We're on the lookout for a new bedroom set. We've never bought a headboard and Shane is currently using a plastic tote box for his side table. 

Master bath.

The tile isn't what I would've chosen, but we're working with it. 

And check out the skylight!

We've got several projects lined up and lots of plans for the house. It's so crazy to think that we can do whatever we want and not worry about landlords. Stay tuned for project updates!