Friday, January 14, 2011

Cribs: Baltimore...or Hoarders. I'll let you decide.

I am so thankful that we live in a nice condo in a safe part of town. However, Shane and I have enough stuff to fill up a whole house. That gets kind of tough when you are sharing a two bedroom condo with a roommate. I had never seen the condo before I moved up here, and Shane moved most all of our stuff up here without me. As you can imagine, it was pretty overwhelming when I came up and saw boxes and random stuff piled everywhere!

I made this video on the very first day that I moved into the condo, so pretty much nothing has been unpacked (except for some of Shane's stuff). Trying to unpack and organize it all has been a huge task, one that I am still working on. We have had to take a serious look at things and we have gotten rid of a lot of junk already. 

There are several major projects that I want to work on. The kitchen is seriously lacking in storage space, and we are looking into a few different solutions for that. Also our master bathroom is terrible! The paint color is horrible, and the light fixtures need help. As soon as I can actually decide what color I want, then we are going to get started on that one. 

So again, before you watch this video, keep in mind that Shane and I could probably be submitted to Hoarders. We know we have lots of stuff. We're working on that. If seeing piles and piles of stuff bothers you, then I would suggest you not watch the video. Just a warning.

...the gross wood toilet seat is already gone. That was first on my list. 

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  1. Lauren,
    Thank you so much! I have been begging Shane to take pictures because when I tried to imagine where you and he lived I came up with a blank! This was a very empty feeling for a Mom who is used to being close to her family. The condo is not bad. You could use more space but I'm so glad you two are together. Please film outside the condo when you get a chance, I'd like to see the neighborhood!