Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now get me some hot chocolate!

Today we got a crazy amount of snow! Well, crazy compared to what I am used to in Tennessee :) Lucky for us, we got to go outside and play in it, right before the snow plow showed up (right now we're watching the plow out the window, we think it just hit a Mercedes...somebody's gonna be in trouble!)

This was right outside our door! Some places, the snow was so deep it was up past the tops of my boots. 

 With a little help from the piles of snow, we're almost the same height!

 Our condo

Poor little thing, looks cold :(

 Shane and John made snow angels! 

Then Shane got started on a snowman...

 ...I helped with the face...

...and voila!

Oh almost forgot the best part! 
It's a little dark, but still funny!

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