Friday, January 28, 2011

We all have our demons

Mine just happen to be sleep related.

Okay, so I don't have an actual demon. At least I hope not...

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (stolen from Wikipedia)

It's sleep paralysis. It happens when your body is in REM sleep and paralyzed, but you are awake and aware. You can open your eyes, and sometimes have hallucinations. It really does feel like the picture above, you feel like someone is sitting on your chest and holding you down. It is really common, and most people have it happen at some point in their life. Unfortunately it seems to be a recurring thing for me. 

The first time it happened, I was alone in my apartment and napping on the couch. I heard someone whisper in my ear. I opened my eyes and no one was there. I tried to say "hello?" but I couldn't open my mouth or make a sound. I tried to get up and couldn't move. I knew for sure that my apartment was haunted. I decided that they were too new to have someone die/be murdered there, so they must have been built on an Indian burial ground. After it happened again, I just had to Google it. I found out that I wasn't feeling the wrath of some dead Indian chief, but a lot of other people come to the same conclusion. Here are some of my favorite folk lore explanations (also stolen from Wikipedia): 

*Various parts of North America--an "Old Hag" leaves her physical body at night and sits on your chest. You can summon her as a curse on others by reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. 

*Fiji--it is called "kana tevoro" which is being 'eaten' or possessed by a demon. Often this is thought to be a dead relative on unfinished business, and your other relatives try to talk to it. 

*Nepal--caused by a 'Khyaak,' which is a ghost that lives under your staircase.

*Malta--an attack by "Haddiela," similar to a poltergeist. To prevent attacks, you must sleep with a piece of silverware or knife under your pillow. 

The most scary occurrence was when I had a dream about some creeper chasing me, then I woke up to find him hovering over my bed. Shane was in bed asleep next to me, but I couldn't call for help, couldn't fight off my attacker. I just knew I was about to be chopped into little bits. Obviously, it was just a hallucination, or I wouldn't be typing this right now. 

Now when it happens, I am a little more aware of what is going on, but it still freaks me out. And how could you not be? There are a few possible causes

*Sleeping on your back--can't control that one. I toss and turn like crazy. 
*Increased stress--considering I am at the least stressful point thus far in my life...maybe a lack of stress?
*Lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns--I am getting the most sleep ever, and actually sort of have a bedtime now. 
*Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes--Check, and check

Let's hope that I might actually get settled in here and quit having these freaky instances. If not, Shane might get frustrated when he finds all the spoons missing out of the silverware drawer and hidden under my pillow...


  1. this is way creepy, but did u actually take all the spoons??

  2. not yet lol, that is my backup plan