Sunday, May 13, 2012



If you couldn't tell, I'm just a wee bit excited. And about to have a nervous breakdown, because in a little over a month, we'll be back in the Volunteer State. This time hopefully for keeps!

Starting June 18th, Shane will be starting his new job with a company in Franklin, TN. While this is awesome, super duper, wonderfully fabulous news, it's also pretty overwhelming! It seems like it's all happening so fast! Here's a quick rundown of what's happening in the next month or so:

  • Two weeks in Maryland, where we get to pack, fix the holes Charlie and Sheldon chewed in our condo wall, attempt to find a new place to live, try to break our current lease, tying up lose ends, and trying to spend as much time with our friends as possible and doing all those things we've missed out on so far.
  • Nine days in France. This has been planned for a long time (and I plan on blogging about it while we're there!) but I can't help but feel like we won't really get to fully enjoy the trip. I hope we can take a break and try to relax and have fun.
  • A week and a half to finish packing, say our goodbyes, drive to Tennessee, find a place to live (if we haven't done that already), get settled, and try to find me a job so we can get back to our normal routine and not get behind on bills!
While this next month or so is going to be one panic attack after the other, I know we're going to be so glad when we finally make it down there! It will be so wonderful being so close to family and friends. It will be bittersweet though, because Maryland has finally started to feel a bit like home. The place has grown on us both a lot, and we'll be sad to leave (this was going to be the place where I listed all the things I'll miss, but the list got too long. Look for it in my next post).
Okay, I should probably stop writing and get back to packing, but one last thing...if you know of any awesome apartments/houses/condos in the Franklin-ish area that aren't super expensive, or any place that's hiring (I'm basically good at everything, just no fast food, and nothing where I have to see blood) let me know! (They also have to pay in American dollars, I don't accept Trident Layers)