Friday, January 8, 2016

Ruby Recap: Month 2

Is it just me or is this baby not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? 

If you like that photo, just check out month 1 vs. month 2. 

I really can't believe how much she's grown already. 

Here are her stats (and an adorable photo) from her two month checkup yesterday...

Birth: 7 lbs & 12 oz  -  20 & 3/4 inches long

2 month checkup: 10 lbs & 10 oz  -  24 & 1/2 inches long

The doctor said she's growing right on track! She had to get her first round of shots, which was rough on all of us, but she did well and is feeling much better today after sleeping most of the day yesterday. 


I'm a few days late posting this Ruby Recap, but I have a good excuse! Wednesday, January 6th was both Ruby's 2 month and my 28th birthday! We had a fun day celebrating together watching Redbox DVDs and eating dinner consisting of chocolate chip pancakes and a chocolate cake made by my wonderful husband Shane :) 

Speaking of my amazing husband, look how sweet he is! He added a Ruby Alex & Ani bracelet to my collection along with a lotus spoon ring. I didn't even drop hints or anything! 


So let's get to it! Here is a recap of Ruby: Month 2!

Ruby's first... trip to Rainforest Cafe! My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike drove down to Nashville to visit Ruby one afternoon, so we went to browse at Opry Mills Mall and eat at their favorite restaurant :) 

At the Rainforest Cafe, as the name would imply, the whole inside of the restaurant is a fake rainforest with trees and vines and fake animals everywhere. Every few minutes the elephants will turn their heads, the monkeys will swing on the ceiling, etc. And sometimes, the lights go down and there's a "rainstorm" with thunder and lightning and all the animals start making TONS of noise. Monkeys screeching, lions roaring, you get the picture. 

Ruby did GREAT! I wore her in her carrier the whole time and she slept through everything! She made one tiny peep the whole time. 

And yes, I did put something over her head as to not drop lettuce from my sandwich on her ;) 


Ruby's first... Christmas! If I ever get around to it, I'll be writing a separate post about this, because there are just too many cute pictures and costume changes. As you can see from the one below, the Mrs. Claus outfit was NOT her favorite, at least not on Christmas morning. With the crazy weather, it was around 75 degrees and she just got too hot with all that velvet and fur trim. 

As I mentioned in my Santa's Little Helper post, we had to make the tough choice to not go to Knoxville for Christmas this year. Thankfully both sets of our parents and my sister were able to come spend parts of the holiday with us. We had lots of fun celebrating and opening Ruby's Christmas presents and making pretend like she was actually interested in opening the presents too. 

It turned out to be a good decision to stay here, as a lot of our family members back in Knoxville spent the holidays really sick, which is no fun. I did end up with a week-long cold, but Ruby only had the sniffles for a few days, which is good. 


Ruby's first... trip to the zoo! It was pushing 80 degrees here the weekend after Christmas, so we and the parents all loaded up and went to the Nashville Zoo.

We decided to push her around in her stroller rather than wear her in a carrier so she could see the sights, but with Ruby being a tiny baby, she slept most of the way through the exhibits. Here she is sleeping in front of the giraffes, kangaroos, meerkats, and flamingos. Isn't our little sleeping roaming gnome baby cute in her coordinating zoo animals outfit?


Ruby's first... New Year! Ruby got all dolled up in a onesie with attached gold glitter tutu and gold Mary Jane shoes. She looked a little naked though with just the onesie so I hunted out the black velvet headband from one of her other outfits. It was her first time wearing a headband and she only made it about five minutes before it slipped down over her eyes, then the screaming began. Oh well, it was cute while it lasted. 

By midnight, we were in bed, me nursing Ruby and Shane reading his Kindle. Sure, we weren't out downtown with the thousands drinking and partying until the sun came up, but I think we had an even better party here :) 


Ruby loves... smiling! She's figured it out now and spends a lot of time showing us her cute little gummy smile. She gets especially perky and smiley first thing in the morning. She and I spend about 10 minutes every morning making our biggest smiles at each other. It's a great way to start the day! 

Ruby loves... her bathtub!  

When newborns still have their umbilical stump, they can't be fully submerged in water and have to have sponge baths instead. Those she absolutely HATED and she would scream the whole time. 

Her belly button made it's debut around the end of the 3rd week, and since then, she's enjoyed taking baths in her big girl bathtub. 

Baths aren't an everyday occurrence at our house - considering we spot clean messy areas and baths really dry out her skin - more like a once a week sort of thing. She really enjoys having her little butt sitting in the warm water, and sometimes doesn't even mind us spraying her off with the kitchen sink sprayer. 

Thankfully she's yet to poop in the water, but I know it's just a matter of time. 

Ruby loves... relaxing on the couch! And her daddy! 

For a few weeks, Ruby would cry any time we sat her down, she always wanted to be held. Now she's been crying to let us know she wants down. It's really funny to watch because she'll be pitching a fit until we lay her on the couch cushion, then she immediately goes quiet. 

Of course we never leave her unattended and we always pay attention to her while she's on her own, but she really loves hanging out there. Sometimes she'll even take a quick nap. The dogs have been getting in on the nap action too. Check out how sweet Charlie and Sheldon are! I especially love how Ruby and Sheldon are practically holding hands / paws in that one picture. We're hoping that Ruby and the doggies will be best friends as she grows up a little more. 

Ruby loves... playing with her toys! 

When she's awake and more alert, I've been putting her squishy rattle blocks at her arm's length in her line of sight. After numerous failed attempts to get her interested in toys, she actually figured out how to bat the block around the other day! She even knocked it close to her face and started licking it, too cute! We think she's learned that from the dogs. 

Of course that's one of those things where they stop doing it as soon as you pull out the camera, but I did manage to get a cute sneeze and yawn on film! 

Ruby loves... her pacifier! Sorta. 

When you're breastfeeding, it's recommended to wait to introduce a pacifier to make sure that feeding is well-established. The first time we gave her one was around week 5 or 6. We were in the car and she started crying, so I gave her the pacifier to help soothe her crying. 

We occasionally try to give her one, but she doesn't really take it. I think she's only used one three times for about 10 minutes each time. Here she is when she figured out how to use her hand to keep the pacifier from falling out. 

Normally when we try to give her one, she'll move the nipple over to the side of her mouth and kinda gnaw on it. Early sign of teething? And possibly something else learned from the dogs?

Ruby loves... flipping around in her cradle! 

She sleeps in our room for easy access and turns out she does some funny stuff in her sleep. 

Normally she'll just scoot a little closer to the head or foot of the mattress, but twice now she's flipped sideways. If she does it one more time I'm going to have to rearrange our furniture and move the big girl crib into our room, because her arms and legs stretch out the bars on both sides in the cradle when she does this! 


You had to be there! 

Ruby has to wear mittens in bed because her circulatory system is still developing and her hands turn into little icicles without them. The mittens make her little flapping arms even cuter, and we like to call her things like "Mittens McGhee" or "Little Miss Mittens" or "Minnie / Mickey Mouse hands" when she's got them on. The plain white mittens are our favorites because they really do make her look like a Disney cartoon character! 

Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night to a sucking's Ruby sucking on her little mitten hand and trying her best to fit her whole mitten fist in her mouth. 

This morning, her pajamas inspired Shane to nickname her the "terrycloth bandit." 

She has been making more sounds, her favorite is a "gah" sound. The other day Shane was tickling her and every time he'd stop, she'd make a silly face and that sound. Of course we had to do it over and over again :) 


We love this little baby more and more each day and can't believe it's already been two months since she made her grand entrance! Some things, like breastfeeding and sleeping at night, are getting easier, while others, like her being more alert and wanting to be held a lot, sometimes make things tricky. No matter what, I keep reminding myself that she will only be little once and am doing my best to cherish every moment, good or bad, while they last. 


To finish off the post, here's a (rather blurry) picture of Ruby in her latest tiny teenager outfit. 

It's a good thing she didn't know we were headed to the doctor or that she'd be getting shots while she was there, or she'd have made an even bigger fuss.