Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zoo! And an anniversary :)

Yesterday Shane and I celebrated ten years together! We decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and spend the day at the Nashville Zoo.

Most of the animals seemed to be in a pretty friendly mood. I guess love was just in the air.

Everywhere but the flamingo habitat, that is. Four of the flamingoes woke up on the wrong side of the pond and would not settle down. I'm not sure if you know this (because I sure didn't), but when flamingoes are mad, they honk like oversized geese. They also seem to be a lot like barking dogs, when one gets going they all join in on the noisy fun.

Some of my other favorites from the day:

The tigers kept pacing back and forth. I imagine it must've been just about time for the zookeepers to bring their giant bowl of raw T-bone steaks.

Ring-tailed lemur, and yes, Shane did serenade it with "I like to move it!"

Cougar! It kept looking at all the people like it couldn't figure out why we all found it so interesting.

Giant porcupine. If it would've just gotten a little closer to the wall I could've satisfied my urge to pet it on the nose. I don't know why, it just looks like it doesn't get much love. 

The donkeys were going nuts. They kept braying and stamping their little feet. 

Shane's favorites, the snowy owls! They just moved them into a new enclosure and the owls were running around checking it out. If you've never seen an owl run before, you're missing out because it is probably the cutest thing ever.

And just look at their legs! Who knew their legs were so long and feathery? It looks like it has on little fluffy bell bottoms.

Shane's new goat friend!

All in all, it was a wonderful day and a great way to celebrate. With our shiny new zoo member passes, I see a lot more visits in the future!

Edit: Per Shane's request, I am adding in one more animal. This little cat (no idea what kind) climbed up in the tree while we were walking past its exhibit. Shane stopped to watch it when all of a sudden the cat locked eyes with him. After an intense stare-off, the cat lept from the tree directly towards Shane and hit the chain link fence. Thank goodness for the fence. Out of frustration for missing his prey, the cat then fell from the tree and landed on the ground with a giant thud. 

Sure, he may look cute and cuddly. But behind those adorable sad eyes is the heart of a killer. This is why we are dog people.