Monday, June 6, 2016

Ruby Recap: Month 3

I am so behind on these. 

Let's just acknowledge that taking care of a baby full-time doesn't leave a lot of free time. I'm lucky to brush my teeth (almost) every day. 

I'm also a perfectionist, and spending 5+ hours to write the first draft of a blog post isn't something I have the luxury for. 

So here's my attempt to catch up, and also my attempt to relax a little over what I write. 


Well it's official. Ruby is no longer a newborn. *sniff*

Look how much our infant has grown! 

An unofficial bathroom scale weigh-in puts her around 13 lbs. 6 oz...up almost 3 whole pounds since her month 2 checkup! 


Here's a recap of Ruby's 3rd month: 

Shane had to go out of town overnight for work, so Ruby and I got to have some girl time. And we survived! 

I was really nervous to be on our own. Sure, I take care of her during work hours, and it's not like Shane can wake up and breastfeed her during the night, but it's really awesome to have him help out after he gets done working. I love taking care of her, but sometimes you just need a break to walk laps around the house or go to the bathroom without constantly worrying about a tiny human. 

Surprisingly, we did pretty well. Ruby seemed to be on her best behavior and even let me take a shower without having Shane watch her. 

Here we are, dressed all snuggly in our pajamas and ready for story time! 


Ruby started to figure out TOYS this month :) She's figured out that she can put things in her mouth and chew. As if everything in our house wasn't already covered in dog slobber, I guess now it'll be covered in Ruby slobber too. 

It's so amazing to watch her learn and interact with the world around her. She doesn't just lay on her playmat anymore, she looks at and reaches for her toys. She even played herself to sleep one day!


Ruby still loves bathtime! Shane's usually in charge, because I'm always afraid I'll drop her when she's wet and soapy and slippery. But that just leaves me free to take pictures! 

Look at her duck fuzz! Sometimes it looks red, sometimes it looks blonde. We're anxious to see what her hair looks like, but it might take a while. Neither Shane or I had much hair at all until we were a year old or more. 

Too cute!

Speaking of ducks, check out Ruby in her first snowstorm! As you would expect, we spent more time bundling ourselves up than out in the snow. Ruby is pretty smart, but she's not quite advanced to snowman-building level yet. 

If you're wondering where you can get a stylish duck snowsuit like hers, you'll just have to travel back in time to the late 1980s. Almost exactly 28 years ago, my parents dressed baby ME in that snowsuit to bring me home from the hospital in a snowstorm.  

Ruby enjoyed the snow so much that she pitched a fit when we came back inside. 

*Sidenote: why did Carter's put an elephant on an outfit with bear ears on the hood? I mean it's cute, I picked it out. It's not like they could put giant elephant ears on there, but it seems odd to mix animals. Or is that just me? 

Aunt Hannah has been collecting these cute things called tsum tsums since before Ruby was born. Each month the Disney store comes out with a set of characters from a different movie. We also may or may not have bought an Alice in Wonderland costume (in several sizes) back at Halloween. This photo opportunity has been in the works for a while. 

However, if you've ever had a baby, you'll know that time goes by fast and you don't always have time for baby fashion shows. If you look closely, you'll see that in the third picture, Ruby's onesie buttons weren't even snapped. Guess who was just a smidge too long for her dress? She posed for a while, but she really lets you know when she's just OVER IT.   

P.S. Let this serve as a warning to those parents out there who are looking at buying Halloween costumes from the Disney store. If you're looking at baby sizes, SIZE UP. Ruby has a couple that we bought on clearance, and they have consistently run small. 

This month we did something scary. We drove for three-and-a-half hours in a VW Golf with two rambunctious dogs and a two-month-old baby. 

That's right! It was time for Ruby's first trip to Knoxville! Ruby got to meet a LOT of new family members. And we somehow managed to not pack our whole house! I still don't know how I, the queen of overpacking, took a trip with a baby without having to rent a U-Haul. 


Ruby loves to go for rides with mom and dad! Shane and I have enjoyed learning all about babywearing, and if you can't tell, I have a serious addiction to buying different baby carriers. 

The picture on the left is Ruby and me at Opry Mills mall, where we met up with a bunch of other babywearing mamas to walk laps. The middle picture is at our very first Babywearing International meeting, which was so fun! And the picture on the right is me and Ruby at the grocery store. Babywearing is awesome because it lets Ruby get all snuggled up (and she usually takes a nap) while we get chores done :) 

It's amazing to see how much this little lady grows and changes every day, and we're so thankful to be her parents. 

Until next time, enjoy this classy lady in her diaper and socks :)