Monday, May 4, 2015

The force is strong with this one...

I'll admit, I've been MIA lately, but between hectic school finals and finding out I'm PREGNANT :) I think you'll forgive me, and also understand why the weekly weigh in posts have stopped for now...

I've known I was pregnant since around week 5. I had a dream one morning that I got up and took a test, and it was I climbed out of bed at 5 a.m., and guess what! My dream was right! I woke Shane up right away and told him. We're both horrible with secrets, so we figured we better tell everyone else ASAP!

Our parents and my sister were the first to hear the happy news on the Saturday before Easter. We took both families out for dinner and while we were waiting for our food to arrive, I passed out plastic Easter eggs containing a "sample of my latest project"...which were tiny green peas I'd made out of clay to represent the size of the baby that week. Most everyone was confused (my sister thought I'd made her a custom Shopkin) until Shane pulled out a baby bib. 

Unfortunately my dad was home sick :( like he'd been all week, but that just meant we got to have a special moment with him as he opened his own egg! 

We surprised the rest of our families along with announcing on Facebook and Instagram on Easter Sunday. Needless to say, everyone is overjoyed.

Considering we got engaged when we were 18, we've been fielding the "When's the baby due?" question for nearly 10 years now. But over the past year or so, Shane and I finally started feeling like we were more ready for the challenge. We've got our own house, Shane has a good, stable job, we've made a lot of health improvements, and I'm working towards more career options with going back to school. We didn't exactly plan it, but we can't be happier that this is finally happening. 

*** Warning : Rant ahead ***

I tried to go to my first OBGYN appointment a week and a half ago, which ended with me in the bathroom in tears. Thanks to a scheduling mishap, they had me (at 8 weeks pregnant) on the schedule ONLY for a pregnancy test, and when they heard that I'd been to my regular doctor to confirm pregnancy (using a test just like home pregnancy tests), they told me that I'd need to reschedule for their next available first appointment in JUNE (when I'd be 16 weeks). 

Considering that there are a lot of important things that happen in the 1st trimester, this was unacceptable. It's an important time for development, and I needed reassurance that I wasn't doing anything that could possibly be harmful. Also I just wanted to be sure there was actually a baby in there. While I was in the bathroom bawling my eyes out (sorry to the lady in the stall next to me), Shane and my mom talked to the receptionist and found out that they had another office with an earlier opening (which she didn't even suggest or try to look up until they asked, UGH) and got me on the schedule for today. 

*** Rant over. ***

Thankfully today's appointment went MUCH better, and I like the new office a lot better anyways. Like Shane said, maybe it all happened for a reason. 

Today, on Star Wars Day & my parents' 30th anniversary, we got to see our little baby! It measured at 10 weeks 4 days, putting us right on track to our previously estimated due date of November 29th. Looks like we may have a little Thanksgiving turkey baby :)

It doesn't look as much like a real baby as it did live and in person, but believe me, it was adorable. That thing can MOVE, too! At one point it was just kicking its little legs and swimming its little arms and going crazy in there! Then I think it tired itself out, cause it stopped for a break. 

We even got to see the heartbeat, which was so cool! I didn't really know we'd be able to see it on there, but she pointed out the spot, sure enough, that little blip was fluttering away. 

I go for another testing scan in two weeks, and after seeing the little guy or girl for real today, I can't wait!