Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artscape: A Blast Since 1982

Last weekend, Shane and I went to the 30th annual celebration of Artscape, the largest free arts festival in the United States. We weren't sure what we would find there, and we weren't disappointed!

The weekend was all about the year 1982 (the very first Artscape), so of course they had tons of 80s  pop culture references, karaoke, and even a fashion show.

And yes, it's hard to see, but the guy had on black lipstick. He had some sort of goth grunge outfit before that one, and apparently just liked the lipstick, I don't know.

This looks so stereotypically 80s...a mobile dance party. 

Now let's not forget about the art! It wasn't exactly paintings and photographs, although they did have plenty of that stuff at the vendor booths. This was more interactive, physical, installation sort of work.  There was rock opera, courtesy of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society:

Decorated cars, like the cartoon car, which holds the world record for most hours of airbrush paint time:
Hey look! I found Waldo!

The Heaven and Hell car, which was pretty cool: 
In case you couldn't tell, the left photo is Heaven, the right photo is Hell. 

And lots and lots of sculptures!

Mustache rides, anyone?
My favorite picture from the day, I caught this little girl pondering this sculpture. So cute!
This was a really cool installation piece. Each wooden box held a solar powered speaker, which made music in the sunlight.

Yum, nothing hits the spot quite like a strawberry banana smoothie with sunglasses :) Much needed after being in the sun all afternoon.

If you want to see any more  pictures from the day, you can find them in my Picasa album. Hopefully you are inspired to go and make some art of your own!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Are we to 50 already?

I don't have the best track record with keeping up with things. In fact, if you go to my parents' house and look at any of my journals from when I was younger, I can guarantee that none of them will have more than two pages worth of writing. And here I am at 50 blog posts already!

There are no real words to describe the emotions I am feeling right now, but this video might be able to explain it a little better than I can...

P.S. Bonus video (I liked them both so much I couldn't choose!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a wedding!

Our good friends Wayne and Amy got married this weekend! 

 Shane and Wayne met when they were sophomores at Tennessee Tech. They were assigned to be roommates in the dorms, but they soon became best friends and fraternity brothers. They roomed together every year until graduation, and were often known by their superhero names "Captain InShaneO" and "Wonder Wayne." So of course, Shane was tickled pink when Wayne asked him to be his best man.

You didn't think I meant that literally, did you?

Amy had picked a really neat color scheme for the wedding, with each pairing of groomsman and bridesmaid wearing a different color. 
(Okay so this is a terrible, dark photo, but you kinda get the idea)

It turned out beautifully. And Amy was absolutely gorgeous in her lace gown, with cowboy boots underneath! 

Everyone had a wonderful time. And how could they not? There was plenty of dancing...



 ...a bouquet toss...

...a garter toss, with a bit of a surprise...

...and delicious cake. 

So to Amy and Wayne, from Lauren and Shane: 

Best of luck. We hope every day of your marriage is better than the last. 
We love you guys.

 P.S. You two are adorable together :)