Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fresh Lake Trout, anyone?

One day last week I got bored and I decided that I wanted Shane to take me to see "real Baltimore." We don't actually live in Baltimore City, so I hadn't seen it yet. We were driving around, getting ready to head to the city, Shane was trying to find a really cool shopping center he had been to, and then all of a sudden we end up in the bad part of the city. We didn't get murdered or anything, but honestly it was sort of scary. I took a video of some of the adventure, I wish I had got more!

A couple of things about Baltimore City (from my so far limited experience):
1. If you see the police, you are in a bad part of town. They don't usually monitor an area unless it is dangerous. 
2. The same goes for the blue lights. The blue lights are on the police surveillance cameras that are on street corners in certain parts of town. 
3. Fresh lake trout is a big hit. Not sure why, but every little store you pass has it. Not even sure where they get it from, or really how fresh it is. I guess if you are in the market for trout, that is just a gamble you have to take. 

See? Even at the Chicken Nook, which you would think would be reserved for delicacies like gizzard, they have lake trout. 

A few other highlights from the trip: 

We passed the jail at one point. I have never seen so much barbed wire. Plus the jail was like right next to the road. It was *in* the city, I could have reached out and touched it as we drove by. Shouldn't they put up some "Caution: Escaped Prisoners Crossing" signs just in case? Although if they had to go through all that barbed wire, they would probably bleed out before they made it off the sidewalk. 

People just walk around in the middle of the road with complete disregard for oncoming traffic. I guess they need to put up some "Caution: Random People Wandering in Street" signs too. 

There is apparently a lot of money to be made in all these caution signs. 

Also, I felt like I was in an episode of "Hey, Arnold!" with everyone just outside chillin' on their stoops.

All in all, I enjoyed my trip to the city. I got to see some interesting parts of Baltimore, and I didn't get murdered or mugged, so I would call that a successful day. 


  1. This blog reminded me of one of your daddy's favorite movies "Vacation". I don't think I would ask any directions or stop at any traffic lights either and "Roll them up kids!" Let me know how you like the Lake Trout when you try it. Thanks for letting us share in your adventures! Love Mom

  2. It looks like magnolia ave when I first moved to Knoxville in 1983. I would go with Mom to pick Alice up from work at Greyhound. It scared me. I remember going to the fair and leaveing before it got dark. Every big town has a dark side, stay in the light! Thankyou for sharing Lauren, I love your blogs!