Monday, January 24, 2011

Spotted at CVS

A setup of ping pong balls, trail mix, non-alcholic beer, and a "sweet body shots" kit (that little pink box on the bottom shelf). 

Also did I mention that this CVS is located right down the road from Towson University? Pretty funny, although I can't imagine that being a big market for the non-alcholic beer.

I'm not a fan of beer myself, so I can't imagine wanting to drink one solely for the taste. There are those sorts of people out there though, and lucky for us, they have taken to the internet to share their experiences. Check out these reviews of Busch NA (non-alcholic). I love that these people are so professional and descriptive of something that I can imagine tastes worse than awful. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the reviews...

The good: 
"Feels light and clean, but dense enough to know it isn't water"
"Once poured, Busch NA looks like champain (their spelling, not mine) with light bubbles floating to the surface"
"Drinkability: It's Lent, I can't drink real beer..."
"Decided to give my liver a break, and this stuff is better than soda pop, so what the hell."

The bad: 
"The scent bring[s] pasta with tomato sauce to mind."
"Avoid this. Drink a Diet Coke..."
"Almost completely undrinkable."
"There is no reason to drink this, which is why it's going down the drain."

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  1. at a CVS?! haha beer is nasty. i only like vodka/rum etc. why would you buy a non-alcoholic beer anyway?