Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy (almost) Anniversary Shane!

It's hard to believe that this time three years ago, I was near mental and physical breakdown as I wrote myself a list and remembered I still hadn't embroidered the hankies for my mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law. 

That's right. Three years ago today, it was the night before my wedding. I'm not going to lie, planning a wedding is very stressful. Even though I had been engaged for three whole years, and really really planning the wedding for the last year, there were still so many things to get done the night before. Like sewing a table runner for your sweetheart table. And making survival baskets for groomsmen and bridesmaids in case they forget something (funny story, I was the only one who forgot anything, and it was safety pins. Guess what I forgot to include in the survival basket?). And while I did eventually cross that last, very important thing off my list (passed out for three hours on my parents' bonus room couch), it was all worth it, because the next day I got to marry my best friend in the whole world.

 We felt very strongly about not seeing each other before the wedding, but we did cheat a little bit and hold hands. I don't even remember what we talked about, probably lots of giggling and "I love you." Shane wanted to sneak a peek at me around the door, but he didn't. And how do I know? Because when I walked down that aisle, this is what was waiting for me on the other side:

It started as a excited, happy, surprised sort of look. Then turned to tears of joy. Lots of tears of joy. Shane might be embarrassed that I put this on here, but honestly it's my favorite moment of the whole wedding.

 Well, the part where we were pronounced man and wife was pretty special too :)

I could post a million more pictures of the cake and the flowers and the decorations and all that other stuff, but I'm not. All of those things are so important to you when you're planning the wedding. And really, those things are all for the guests. This is what is most important to me. Not the fact that my mom and I bought every silver and blue ornament in a 20 mile radius for centerpieces. Or that Shane and I didn't even get to eat our food and had to stop at McDonald's later. The memory I want to hold onto is this one right here, and these smiles on our faces:

Happy (almost) 3 years Shane. I love you so much, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you. Here's to 83 more!

P.S. And for everyone else, don't worry, I'm still going to post all those other pictures on Facebook ;)

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