Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas time is here again!

Only one week until Christmas and our halls are decked to the max! It's our first Christmas in our new home and it has been so fun decorating for the first time. 

A brand new 7.5' tree joined the family this year along with a colorful new tree topper. 

I'm in love!

Of course, our old tree looked so lonely sitting there in that box so it had to join the party too. And don't you love our little Eiffel Tower wrapped in lights?

This wall hanging is my most magical thrift store find, it was only $3 last year! And who knew Walmart would have super cute NOEL tealights?

I know, I know, you're all thinking it..."why aren't the stockings on the mantle?" We actually have our couch pushed up in front of the fireplace and every time we sat down, we knocked the stockings off their hangers. The stair railing made for a great compromise though and I actually kinda like them there better anyways. 

The Christmas flamingo, bought at a Kmart closing sale, is there to guard the stockings against early peekers.

Another compromise this year, wreath on the inside of the door. Our storm door is about an inch away from our front door and no amount of slamming would squeeze that wreath in there.

I finally pulled out our wedding table runner for the first time in five years :) 

And something else we've totally been putting off, dog paw print ornaments! I don't care if anyone thinks we're crazy dog people because we totally are, and I love our new ornaments. Charlie and Sheldon didn't enjoy making them too much but they were mostly cooperative. 

I'm not sure if Sheldon's in the Christmas spirit, but Charlie sure is!

He's even found a favorite new place to hang out. He only has to climb over all the presents and knock off most of the ornaments to get there. 

Happy Holidays from our  home to yours!

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