Friday, April 6, 2012

Congrats Charlie and Sheldon!

You know how they say there's a reason for everything? A silver lining to every rain cloud?  

Our downstairs neighbor is hateful and likes to complain about everything. Need to do some laundry? Better not hope it's past 9 pm, or you'll be getting hateful glares in the parking lot the next morning. We stay home most nights, but when we actually do go somewhere, she leaves notes on our door that say stuff like "your dogs bark constantly when you leave, you can't leave the house." Her argument is that the dog across the hall from her is such a little perfect angel, but it's really a little hell raiser. It only lives there on alternate weekends and it barks worse than both of our dogs combined. We admit it, Charlie and Sheldon can be a tad barky, but our lease does say we can have dogs. And it's not our fault she chose to buy a second story condo, you're going to hear noises from your neighbors.

But you know what? If she wasn't such an ill-tempered person, then our dogs wouldn't have just graduated from beginner class at PetSmart. 

 In a roundabout way, we owe it all to our nasty neighbor. Not that she paid for the class or anything, which would have been nice, but at least now we can say they're well trained little boys. 

We're seriously considering framing their certificates and hanging them by the front door.  You know, just for  fun.

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