Monday, April 30, 2012

Hoarding pays off sometimes...

If you've never seen my "Hoarders: Baltimore" video, I suggest you watch it now. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Awesome. So thankfully our condo looks much better now, but it's still cluttered beyond a reasonable amount. I admit it's 98% my fault, especially in John's old room, which should probably be renamed to the "Craft Room of Doom." It's bad. I don't know why I have so many craft supplies that I never ever use, but I can't seem to get myself to get rid of them. Which is probably why a whole room was piled to the ceiling with craft supplies in my grandmother's house. And it's not just craft supplies anymore, but a general mass of things I think are awesome. Decorative U.S. Presidents plate here, 1970s Better Homes and Gardens Home Decor book there, I'm on a slippery slope and I know it.
But don't worry, because I'm self-medicating with lots of episodes of Hoarders!  After an episode you can find me wandering around the house muttering "I can't be like those people" and gathering a pile of junk to go to Goodwill or to be sold online. As you can imagine, my pile of "to sell" junk got pretty big, and Shane insisted I list something. After an experiment with a pair of watermelon salt and pepper shakers (which sold for $10 *thankyouverymuch*) I set up a photo studio in the kitchen and took pictures of all sorts of random crap.
I decided to sell this set of enamelware mugs next, because they're cute, I only spent $2 on them at an estate sale, and I thought hipsters might like them.  I researched them and found out that they were made by a reasonably popular Finnish company in the 1960s-70s. Their fondue pots were selling for $150ish online, so I figured maybe I'd get $15 for the mugs?

Fast forward to getting emails from potential buyers in New Zealand and Hong Kong, and me trying to figure out shipping quotes. If someone is willing to pay $17 just in shipping, then maybe these things were worth more than I thought?

Fourteen minutes left in the auction and this is where the adrenaline really starts kicking in. At this point in time, my mugs have had NINETY-SIX unique viewers, and twenty-seven are watching! Crazy! And what's even crazier is the bid of $46.50! I only bought them because they were 50% off at the estate sale, and even then it was a tough call to make. 

In the end, some nice American hipsters won the mugs. I'm assuming hipsters, because they're from Portland, and well, Portlandia. And after those fourteen intense moments of bidding, I walked away $75 richer. For two little mugs. That were just sitting on a table, gathering dust.

Yep, I'm a little more motivated to get rid of some junk now ;)

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