Sunday, November 2, 2014

We're baaaack!

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It has been an embarrassingly long time since my last weigh-in post, actually three whole months. I've gotten a bit too comfortable with my diet and treating WAY too much...we're talking occasional candy, cookies, breakfast from McDonald's's a slippery slope, y'all. They say you can't outrun your diet, and they're right. Treats every now and then are okay, but not every single day, multiple times a day. Shane and I have been working out nearly every day, but if I don't get myself under control, I'm going to start giving in to soda cravings or worse! 

Me and Shane after an intense workout at the YMCA

The GOOD news is that even with all this food business, I'm pretty much maintaining my weight (currently sitting at 179, which is 47 pounds lost and 52.2% of my weight loss goal), and my body shape is changing! The weight lifting is working, hallelujah! I am looking better in my clothes, and I even bought a size 10, yes 10!!, pair of pants at Old Navy the other day. Okay so they are "boyfriend" cut pants so they're meant to be a little looser than regular pants, but I'm still calling that a big win. Considering I started out this year wearing a 14 but really needing a 16, I'd say I'm doing just fine. 

In other news, with the changing seasons, Shane and I have started to realize how scant our clothing choices are. Sure I have tank tops and shorts for days, but that doesn't help in 50 degree weather. A shopping trip was in order, where Shane made a big revelation: 

That he's lost a lot of weight! He even bought a couple of button-up flannels in size LARGE! It's the first time he's bought a size large since middle school, so this is a huge deal. I am so proud of him! We both stocked up on some winter essentials, and our YMCA is happy that we're bringing so many warm clothes for their winter clothing drive. I actually had to buy all new coats last year because mine wouldn't zip, and now this year, they looked like I was wearing trash bags. Shane looked like a kid wearing his dad's jackets in his. 

I'm also pretty pleased with myself for my progress from last Halloween to this Halloween. This time last year I was so resolved that I was fat and I was always going to be fat, and I'd probably get more fat and that seemed unavoidable. I even got rid of most of my "for when I'm skinny" clothes because I thought I'd never fit into them again. I WAS SO WRONG! I was acting like a blameless victim when I was the culprit. No one made me fat or shoved french fries down my throat, I was doing that to myself. This year I've worked hard to try and take control of my health, and in turn, my happiness. And instead of trying to hide my body in a shapeless Halloween costume, I went for a short dress with NO sleeves! And I personally think I looked pretty cute!

While I have slipped up and allowed more treats into my life, I don't ever want to allow those sort of thoughts back into my life. As we're getting into the holiday season, the typical "dieter's nightmare", Shane and I are recommitting ourselves to our lifestyle change. We are starting a new weightlifting routine to kick up our game and I'm getting strict on my calories again, because it works and my progress so far is proof of that. 

I'm not going to focus on the weigh-in portion so much in future posts like I did in previous posts because now that we're weightlifting, the number on the scale won't really show our progress. I will continue to post training updates, progress pictures, things I find motivational, etc. 

And if you'd like to join me on my weight loss journey, which I would absolutely LOVE!,  add me on myfitnesspal! My username is lehorner6. 

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