Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly weigh in!

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My progress: I've lost 1lb since last week in for a total of 36lbs lost...I'm now at 190lbs.
40% of my goal complete!

Shane's progress: He's lost 2lbs since last week in for a total of 43lbs lost...he's at 266lbs.
34.4% of his goal complete. 

I've had an absolutely AMAZING week! 

I hit 40% of my goal complete. I'm really getting there and making awesome progress. 

My BMI (body mass index) is now officially just "overweight" instead of "obese". OMG! 

Oh yeah, and did I mention I ran a 5k this weekend?! We did the Color Me Rad 5k at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds here in Nashville. 

You start out wearing white, and with the help of colored cornstarch and colored water, you end up a walking or running rainbow by the end. 

We went last year by ourselves and had just an okay time. 

This year we went with our friends Julie Ann, Manuel and Carlena and had an AWESOME time! We got together the day before and made tshirts that said "First things first I'm the RADDEST" playing off the lyrics in Iggy Azaela's song "Fancy."

 We all had a blast, and I'm really proud of myself for how much I was able to run. 

And you KNOW it took a lot of scrubbing to get all that color off!

We all agreed that this is going to become an annual thing and we're ready to get RAD again next year. You're all welcome to join in on the fun :) 

Shane and I can't wait for our next 5k...the YMCA Mid TN Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July! 

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