Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly weigh in

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My progress: I've lost 2lbs since last week in for a total of 38lbs lost...I'm now at 188lbs.
42.2% of my goal complete!

Shane's progress: He's lost 1lb since last week in for a total of 44lbs lost...he's at 265lbs.
35.2% of his goal complete. 

We have to wear blazers to work every day I'm glad I'm losing the weight for sure. The less insulation I have to carry around, the better. 

We've been sticking with our weight lifting routine and just finished the initial 8 week beginner training program, yay! Shane has a new routine he's following, which includes protein shakes, and I'm following a more moderate routine without the shakes. I just can't handle the thought of choking down lumpy protein powder, even though Shane reassures me it's not so bad. 

We're doing the Firecracker 5k this Friday for the 4th of July and I'm so excited! After the Color Me Rad 5k, I really feel like I'm gonna knock this one out of the park, and I'm sure Shane will be running circles around me. Our annual family 4th of July cookout is on Friday too, an I think my parents and sister are coming Thursday night, so they'll be able to come cheer us on at the finish line! 

I'm getting really excited for the cookout, but we have a lot of planning to do! We're gonna have a bigger crowd than normal, but the more the merrier, right?

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