Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick trip to Naptown

Annapolis, capital of Maryland, is the home of many important historical landmarks, such as the oldest functioning state capitol building, the United States Naval Academy, and Chick and Ruth's Delly, home of the six pound milkshake and three pound hamburger (yep, you read that right! Those things are huge!). John and Shane have been there a few times before, and they thought it was about time I had the Chick and Ruth's experience too!

There was a huge wait just to get in! Chick and Ruth's was actually on an episode of Man vs. Food, he had to eat the 3lb hamburger and and 6lb milkshake by himself in an hour. 

I don't know what took him so long, I downed that whole thing in about 20 minutes...

Haha just kidding! John and Shane actually split the 6lb peanut butter milkshake.
IMG00174-20110305-13302011-03-05 14.00.48
I tried to get a picture of them drinking out of the straws at the same time, but no dice. 

I went for a somewhat healthier and more manageable option, a small chocolate milkshake. It was one of the best chocolate milkshakes I have ever had, they used a LOT of chocolate syrup!

The giant milkshake, next to the little baby one :)

After lunch, we walked around Annapolis a little bit to sight see and burn off some calories. Something I thought was pretty funny was when we went into a gift shop and saw this:
This is actually a whole display of jewelry from the lady I work for. She sells jewelry to stores all over the country. It was pretty neat to see the things I see every day at work, outside of the office!

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