Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's a first time for everything (P.S. Happy Easter!)

Living ten hours away from family can be difficult, especially at holidays. This year is the first Easter that Shane and I have spent away from home. Little did I know that would lead to a bunch of other firsts...

1. First time making hard boiled eggs. Since we don't really eat them, I had to consult my roommate John, my mom, my cookbook, and an online recipe to find out the proper technique. 

Lesson learned: You feel pretty dumb when you realize you have made bread from scratch but you don't know how to boil an egg. Then you find out that boiling eggs is pretty simple. It just takes a lot longer than you would have imagined. 

2. First time in 23 years I didn't color eggs with my family. (Don't worry, Shane did help me!)

Lesson learned: While having a set of coloring cups and wax crayon all to yourself might sound like fun, this really is one of those activities that is "the more, the merrier." It's a lot easier to decorate several dozen eggs when you can fall back on your yearly "Mom," "Dad," "Hannah," etc., designs. When you don't have any specific recipient in mind, you run out of ideas pretty quickly.

3. First time I dyed my own yarn. We had tons of egg dye left over, so I decided to grab some of my white yarn and put it to good use.

Lesson learned: Dying yarn is even messier than dying eggs. Also, there is a good chance this yarn will never be used. If it does get used, there is a good chance the colors will turn out really ugly when actually made into something. If by some miracle it turns out pretty, there is a good chance the dye will fade all over me and everything I own at the first drop of water.

4. First time I ever made glazed ham. I would consider myself a somewhat okay chef, but my meals still seem to have a 50-50% chance of being edible.

Lesson learned: Glazed ham is easy. It's like making hot's already cooked, you just have to heat it up (and not burn yourself with the glaze, oops!). You also have to remove the little plastic "remove before cooking" thing from the bone before you cook it, not afterwards (oops #2).

5. First time I have celebrated Easter for approximately two weeks. You see, two weeks ago is when Shane and I received our first shipment (of several) of Easter candy, stuffed animals, plastic eggs, and Easter bunny baskets that are so ugly and crosseyed that they're cute. The picture below represents about 1/2 of the candy we actually received (the other half has already been eaten).

Lesson learned: When your parents miss you, they send you lots and lots and lots of candy. They send so much candy, you get candy you didn't even know existed, like the Peeps pop (thing in the bottom left of the photo). Next year, schedule dentist appointment for the Monday after Easter Sunday.

I hope that everyone else has had a wonderful Easter, whether you got to spend it with your family or not. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day, but first I think I had better go brush my teeth!

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  1. Steve and I spent out first ever Easter alone. No kids, no phone calls, nothing. It was sad. We didn't have any reason to dye eggs. By the way what did you do with all those eggs. Did you have an Easter Egg Hunt? I love your blogs, keep em up, I so appreciate hearing about your and Shane's life.
    Mom Debbie