Friday, May 2, 2014

Confessions of a terrible parent

When you have kids, furry or not, there are bound to be some disasters. No matter how much we try to watch them, it seems like our dogs are just looking for ways to get hurt and/or make themselves sick. Like the time Charlie ate a mystery mushroom in the backyard and had to get his stomach pump. Or the time Sheldon's tail got broken. When Sheldon was a puppy, he figured out how to open up the bathroom cabinet, climbed in and ate a whole box of caffeine pills. He got his stomach pumped that time too. 

I guess since the score was Sheldon: 2, Charlie: 1...Charlie was due for another injury. Yesterday morning he somehow managed to get a stray screw from the deck wreckage lodged in his side/back. I guess he was rolling around in the grass and it went right in? Thankfully it didn't go straight in, kinda sideways. Shane had to rush him to the vet because we were worried about dog tetanus. Turns out that's not really a thing, but he did have to get a steroid shot and lots of antibiotics.  He also has a lovely bald patch now. 

Sheldon tends to lick EVERYTHING, including Charlie, and we were worried about what would happen when Charlie got home. According to the vet, it's actually an okay thing. He said that we have to make sure the wound doesn't scab over until it starts healing inside to keep it from getting infected. Who knew? Kinda gross, but we'll just call him Nurse Sheldon. 

The picture below is the screw that stabbed Charlie. See the dark patch that goes three threads down? That's how far it went in. Poor Charlie. I'm looking into how to rent one of those gigantic junkyard magnets so we can clear the yard of any more dangerous debris. 

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