Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's a deck-saster

So you remember when we got a little carried away with yard work and ripped out our small deck? Well, we had some friends over a couple weekends big deck fell off the house. While people were on it.  At least the railing was attached well, right? Yeah...

Ick. We're hoping that there is no major structural damage to the house. We thought the deck was just a tad wobbly, turns out it was mostly rotted, not attached to the house well at ALL, and had zero concrete footers. In fact, the posts were barely in the ground at all. 

Shane got busy with our circular saw and cut it all into pieces. There was basically no useable, good wood on that thing once we got to looking at it. Anybody know a good contractor or deck builder in the area? We've got a nice little redneck setup for the time being...took the stairs from the deck, added some wobbly supports, and voila. It's not great but it's a lot easier to let the dogs walk out rather than having to toss them down. 

So, Yard Crashers crew, you think you could squeeze us in now? 

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