Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly weigh in

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Let me start off tonight's post by saying "Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!" They've been married 29 years today which is awesome!

Also, Happy Star Wars Day! Shane and I started today's celebration off with a lovely pancake breakfast, complete with delicious fruit and Nutella toppings (in moderation, of course). Next we watched Netflix for a little while so our stomachs could settle, then  we headed to the gym for a run. I watched part of Jaws 2 while I ran for a whole 30 minutes without stopping once! Woo hoo! I honestly would've never believed I could do it, and hopefully I can do it again. Since neither of us has quite mastered the Force yet, some weightlifting was next on the agenda. We've been doing an 8 week beginner weight training program and we're currently on week 4. We remembered that we didn't actually have copies of Star Wars on DVD or anything, so we then went to Target to pick up the box set and came home and watched Episode I while eating Jersey Mike's (we've been going there so much lately the workers know us now). 

My progress: I've lost 2lbs since last week for a total of 28lbs lost...I'm now at 198lbs.
31.1% of my goal complete. 

Shane's progress: He's gained 5lbs since last week for a total of 33lbs lost...he's at 276lbs.
26.4% of his goal complete. 

I am so thrilled that I ran for 30 minutes straight today, I just can't get over it! I just have one 35 minute run left and then I'm done with the Couch to 5k program, yay! Shane of course is amazing at running and is already long done with C25k and is training for a 10k. 

I must admit, Shane is a bit discouraged with his progress this week, as he gained back 5lbs. However, if you remember last week's weigh in, he had lost the unusually large amount of 7lbs. I think that must've been some sort of weird weight fluctuation going on, and I'm trying to keep reminding him that he's still made amazing progress. Plus, 7lbs in one week is way too much to lose, a person could get really sick from that, and I honestly feel a lot better to have him back at a slower, more normal pace. 

I also had quite a shock this week myself. We had some friends over and Shane decided he wanted to show them the turkey video from my 2013 Thanksgiving post where I fixed a "real" turkey for the first time. When I saw myself on the screen, I realized that I looked GIGANTIC and not just because I was on TV. I have always had a really good self-image and never saw myself as big in my head as I was and am in real life. Since I see myself every single day, I don't always notice the small changes, and it seems like progress hasn't been made. But comparing stuff like that video or photos really points out where I'm losing. I'm going to try and come up with some good progress photos this week to show y'all, and to use for motivation for myself :)

May the 4th be with you! 

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