Saturday, March 22, 2014

#18: Book love

As evidenced in this post, saying that I love to read is a gross understatement.  What better place for me to spend a lazy Saturday than at McKay?

I only got about 1/4th of the front of the
building in this picture. This place is huge!
Shane and I knew of McKay because we had one in Knoxville, and were glad to know they'd opened up one here in Nashville. If you live in Nashville, Knoxville, or Chattanooga and you've never been to McKay, you definitely need to check it out. It is like a mega emporium of used (and a few new) books, DVDs, CDs, records, comic books, game systems...basically any sort of media you could want. 

1st floor is books, video games, electronics, DVDs, and VHS
2nd floor is records, CDs, and comics

While I do get a lot of ebooks on the Davidson County Library website, sometimes I just really want a physical book to touch and keep. McKay satisfies that compulsion really well and for a good price. They have pretty good bargains on older books or books they have more quantity of, and you can usually get new bestsellers for a bit off list price. Plus you get more instant gratification than buying off Amazon and you're helping a local business, score! 

The best part about McKay is that all their inventory comes from book lovers like you and me who bring in books and sell them to McKay for cash or store credit. You never know what you'll find but there are always treasures to be discovered. I especially like perusing the bargain fiction shelves for 25 or 50 cent paperbacks. You know that bestseller you wanted a few years ago? Chances are they have tons of them. 

We always hit up the free book bins out front where they put the books they can't sell. They normally have some really cool older looking books that while we might never read them, they do look pretty on our bookshelf :) 

Shane discovering the same calculus book
he used in high school in the free bin.

Me with our haul. Three of those are Shane's,
the rest are mine. Total spent: $29.
We ended up with a few books from the free bin, along with four paperback books for $3, a few books on deck building so Shane and I can fix our janky back yard, a few philosophical and world religion books for Shane, and a splurge $10 book for me on how to draw cartoon people, just because. 

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