Monday, March 10, 2014

#6: Time for a lifestyle makeover

I have never really been "in shape", but I've definitely been a lot skinnier in my life...and it's definitely time for that to change. 

Me at Christmas at my max weight
In high school I was in decent shape from activities like marching band and the dance team but was never actually physically fit. Even though I knew I had a bit of a pudge here and there, I had really good self confidence. I never dressed in tight or skimpy clothing but that was more of a modesty thing. 

About 140. Also isn't that a cute puppy?! His name was Happy. 
My senior  year of high school I seemed to finally get rid of the last of the baby fat. 

Senior year trip to Europe
It was pretty short-lived though, because once I went to college, I didn't have all the activity and I had to navigate the college cafeteria. I never ate that well before, but when you're picky and eating fettuccine alfredo and pizza every meal, it doesn't do you any favors. I fluctuated all four years, but ended up on the heavier end. 

Soon I was ordering medium t-shirts instead of smalls.

A few months before my wedding and I couldn't even zip up my wedding dress. Junior Year / 2008.

I managed to lose just enough to squeeze in, because I didn't have much other choice.

Senior Year / 2010
I topped out after college at about 170. 

After college, Shane and I went through some significant life changes. We moved from Cookeville, Tennessee to Baltimore County, Maryland. Being away from all our family and every single person we knew except each other and our friend / roommate John was very hard. Couple that with the fact that I didn't have a job for the first few months and you'll see why I went through some serious depression. Sitting alone in a condo all day, questioning the degree you just spent 4.5 years earning, can do that to a person. I didn't realize it, but I ate a lot of my feelings. My weight continued to creep right on up the scale. I went from medium t-shirts to really needing a size large. 

About six months after moving to Maryland...June 2011
A much less flattering picture from just a few months later...September 2011
After a year and a half in Maryland. Our going away party in summer 2012.

We began to fall in love with Maryland, but the damage was done. Then after only a year and a half there, Shane found a job in Nashville. I was excited to be back close to family and friends from college, but also very sad at the prospect at leaving the great new friends we'd made. I also had a much longer hiatus from work after this move, totaling about six months. Once I did find a job, it was a desk job, and the pounds just packed on. I think I was around 180-185 when we left Maryland, and soon found myself into the 200s. It gets harder to find photos as time goes on because 1) my computer got stolen last year and 2) I stopped stepping in front of the camera as much and volunteered to be the one behind it a LOT more often. 

April 2013 at the Zombie Prom
January 2014. See how I expertly camouflage myself with that canvas?
Also, my Walmart "fat pants" are the only ones that fit at this point. 

I'm ashamed to admit that this winter, I topped out the scale at 226 pounds. At 5'7", I am considered rather obese. Comparing photos of myself from high school to now, I feel like I barely even look like the same person. I'm addicted and dependent on food and completely out of shape. I have the upper body strength of a baby hamster and zero stamina for physical activity. 

The ideal weight for my size is around 135 pounds, which means that I need to lose nearly 90 pounds to be in prime shape. 

I have already started running through the Couch to 5k program, which is amazing. I want to be able to run the whole length of the Color Me Rad run, which Shane and I are doing this June. We also plan to join the YMCA which is basically right next to our house so we can start lifting weights. 

I am really looking forward to the change, and I've already lost 9 pounds since we began about a month and a half ago. I haven't tried too hard so far but I'm officially kicking myself into gear and am looking forward to some big losses soon. I'm going for a Paelo-ish / calorie counting approach with food and hope that I can work out something sustainable for the long term. 

My top reasons for losing weight will be featured in tomorrow's post, so check back then! 

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