Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 18: #FlashbackFriday

I'm behind a few days on posting because I'm on Spring Break, except instead of going to the beach, I rode around with Shane on sales trips for two days. We also went to Knoxville and visited with our families for a few days. But don't worry, I'll make them up one of these days.

So check this out. Like a week ago Shane and I were at the gym and a lady pointed out that both of our hair matched our jackets. And our shaker bottles. Even my earrings matched. We've somehow turned ourselves into living crayons. 

I feel like since I've had crazy colored hair (like three months ago), I've gotten a taste of what life's like for Shane. We both get stares, turned heads, and little old ladies saying "oooh I love your hair!" 

It's pretty funny especially when little kids say things like "look mom, that person has PINK HAIR!" The mom then tries to shush the kid, while I'm laughing. Little kids can't help it, they say exactly what they're thinking. At least this is a compliment.

I may not always have funky hair, but I hope Shane and I are always this colorful, inside and out. Life is more fun this way. 

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