Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 24: We're cheaters

Today Shane and I woke up early and hit the gym for our core and circuit day. It was pretty tough and I'm proud of us for making it through. Here's what we did:

10 pushups
20 kettlebell swings
30 situps
40 squat jumps
50 jump ropes

And do the whole thing 5 times through!

The whole routine took us about an hour with lots of water and breath-catching breaks. Once we were done, an older lady who was walking the track told us that we inspired her to keep going. She said she normally gets tired and wants to quit, but if we could be doing all the crazy stuff we were doing, then she should surely keep walking! That was nice to hear and I'm glad we were able to help motivate someone else. 

We had our own motivation to make it through five rounds, and that was the cheat meal we were going to eat after the gym! Our diet plan is pretty strict, but it also has one cheat meal per week. The only rule is that you shouldn't eat fast food. Shane was craving a burger with pimento cheese and sweet potato fries, so we chose Burger Up for our delicious delicious meal. This is one of those types of places where they make their own ketchup, so you know it's good.

I went for the cheeseburger with bacon and sweet onion rings. All the food was super yummy...but honestly after a week of eating the way we have, it was a chore to finish our meals. We had to keep taking breaks for our food to settle, and Shane ended up with about half of my onion rings. Next week's cheat meal will most likely be something more veggie-friendly.

After lunch, we took some laps around the mall, and on our way back home we stopped for the real planned treat that got us through circuit rounds 3-5. No frozen yogurt will ever be as good as our favorite place in Maryland (which is the only place I've found tart strawberry, so good), but Sweet CeCe's and their new smaller $3.99 flat price bowls will do. They're just the right size for a little swirl of your favorite flavor along with one of every yummy topping.

We weren't even hungry when dinner time rolled around, but we were good and got out our chicken and veggies anyways. Gotta get our daily protein!

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