Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 26: National Puppy Day!

Howdy folks, Shane here filling in for the great and wonderful Lauren while she studies for her math test.

National Puppy Day was today and it certainly was a beautiful day! To celebrate I'm going throw up a few of my favorite pictures of our babies Charlie and Sheldon.

Aww look at that beautiful family portrait. Charlie and Sheldon forgot their ugly sweaters but I think they look super cute!

Here we see a Sheldon in the wild worn out from a long day of barking at unknown beings outside the walls of our fortress.

In case you didn't know a maltese can turn into a shoulder mounted defense systems in case of attack from the above unknown beings. 

 When Charlie's nerves are shot from a long day of being defended by Sheldon from unknown beings he likes to snuggle down into a nice electric blanket.

Charlie also does well on the shoulders but he is more of a fashion accessory, than a defense system.

We love our pups and everything they have to offer as man's best friend. I hope you all had a great National Puppy Day, let us know how your day went, did you do anything fun with your puppies?  

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