Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 27: HOMEWORK...it never ends!

Today's post is going to be really short since I've just finished the massive amount of math homework I've been working on for two days straight and I need to go to SLEEP! 

I don't mean to procrastinate and put off homework, it's just that spending weekends with Shane instead of studying is just so much more fun and relaxing. 

As I mentioned in my last "going back to college" post, even when I don't put off homework, sometimes it seems like I could spend several hours each night on assignments. I guess that makes sense, because for every one credit hour of classes you're taking, you're supposed to spend 2-3 hours studying each week. I'm taking 11 credits, so that's 22-33 hours of study/homework time each week. Did I mention that I'm a perfectionist? So if I get a question wrong on the online math homework, I keep clicking "similar question" until I get it right so I can get 100%. Yeah, it can take forever. Don't even get me started on my sometimes tricky computer programming assignments, or my biology study guides. 

I don't think I've studied this much or put this much work into school EVER. The most I can remember working was elementary school, when it seemed like we'd be sent home with piles of packets and the occasional mystery picture (aka busy work). I remember once, 5th grade maybe, when my backpack was so heavy with school books that I literally toppled over backwards while sliding the door closed on my mom's van as she dropped me off at school. I laid there, scraped up from the gravel driveway and kicking like a turtle flipped on it's shell, waiting for my mom to come pick me up off the ground. As it so happened, she was still in her pajamas that day. 

It's amazing how much you forget when you go through the class saying "when will I EVER use this?" I have forgotten a lot of basic algebra and geometry concepts that would make my time in precalculus and beyond so much easier. Now that I'm seeing more of the possible applications, I'm hoping the knowledge will stick around a little longer this time. 

I may never 'get' math perfectly, but hey, Google won't judge me for how many times I have to search for stuff like "how to divide fractions", and for that I'm thankful. Even if most of the sites that come up are obviously for young children. That just means they explain it better, and likely with pictures. 

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