Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 23: Happy First Day of Spring!

Shane and I are so glad that it's finally spring so we can get out into our yard and do some work! We ripped absolutely everything out last summer, so we've got a clean slate. Actually, we've got a mud pit. It needs a lot of work. 

Our first order of business is installing new shutters, and then once that's done, we can work on the flower beds underneath them. Shane's hoping our second order of business will be buying this gnome. I have to admit, it is pretty cute. 

I got so excited about the flowers I made Shane kneel down with me in the aisle to get a picture in front of the daffodils. 

We're still deciding what we want to plant, but hopefully soon our front yard will be full of springtime fun like this pretty pink dahlia! We're also planning some raised beds in the backyard for veggies. I'm sure our bunnies will eat most of them, but I'm glad to donate to that cause. 

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