Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 22: Wednesday weigh in

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Shane and I are trucking right along with our new diet and exercise routine. I'm proud of us, because I totally didn't think we'd stick to the diet part. Not when our St. Patrick's Day treats aren't chocolate coins but instead are things like this green monstrosity...

That's a whole packet of tuna, avocado, a little mustard, and Ezekiel bread. I'm super picky, and the only part I really liked was the mustard. The good part is the bread is so dry and grainy and wholesome that it's taste/texture mostly camouflaged the other junk. 

Ultimately I have to remind myself that we're trying to learn better eating habits by introducing better-for-us foods with portions to match. Plus we're also trying to lose quite a bit more weight, so we eventually won't have to be as strict on ourselves. 

We had a good workout at the gym today, and even made some new friends! We usually go early morning or at night, but today we went around 10:00 am, just in time to catch a 92 year old walking laps around the track. She was so cute walking in her little sweater set with her hair perfectly fixed. We also chatted with a few older people waiting for the Silver Sneakers yoga class. Shane got compliments on his owl tattoos and me on my purple hair, with one lady saying it made her day! 

We tried a new HIIT routine after our weightlifting today. I figured why not mix it up? We certainly don't have to do the same sprint routine every time. A quick google search game me this routine below. 
I don't know how ANYONE can do this whole routine in 20 minutes. Maybe our endurance isn't great, because we only made it through the lunges (item #6) and did a couple laps around the short track by the time limit. Oh, and I totally thought I was going to die. I even cheated on a lot of it (example: they wanted 30 burpees, I half-assed my way through about 8 total).

We didn't do a weigh in last week because we were eating terribly and I gained around 6lbs. We're back though, and our new diet plan seems to be helping already.

My progress: I have lost 1lb since last weigh in for a total of 44lbs lost.
I'm now at 182lbs.

So now that you see my 1lb lost, you know I also had to lose the other 6 that I went up before I went down. 

I'm extra proud of Shane this week! 

Shane's progress: He has lost 5lbs since last weigh in for a total of 43lbs.
He's at 266lbs.

He's doing great, especially because he's a picky eater too and doesn't even really like plain grilled chicken, but he's been eating it every day anyways. 

Slowly but surely, we'll get there. 

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